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Need better lighting outside the Seattle Program Center ~Facilities

It's pretty dark on winter night events with a high number of car/pedestrian interfaces from significant parking on the west side of a very busy street, and lots of people activity at the Mountaineers and near by venues. A couple of strategically placed street lights would help a lot. Would probably also help reduce car break in's at the park to have better lighting.

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  • AdminGarrett Arnold (Volunteeer and Member Support Coordinator, The Mountaineers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    1&2. The building committee spoke with the parks department about implementing pathway lighting along the south plaza and moving forward with the garbage enclosure as a step towards improving safety and visibility to the parking area. The parks department will need to get the proposal approved but they were onboard with the idea. No updates on the grant at this time. Applying new pedestrian measures near the program center has been difficult due to multiple parks and transit stakeholders and is an ongoing process. See -> Bureaucracy

    2. Having parking lot patrols for large events is now used for all staff led events. Patrols are done by Mountaineers Staff.

    3. Signage has been posted in the parking lot and at the program center entrance warning visitors about leaving valuables in cars.

    Garrett Arnold
    Mountaineers Facility Rental and Events Manager

  • AdminJeff Bowman (IT Manager, The Mountaineers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We are approaching this from several different angles.

    1. I am working with Diana Kinkaid, former Board member of Seattle Parks, to submit an application for a grant to fund design of safe pedestrian & automobile travel in the park. If the grant funds are secured Seattle DOT and Parks will develop a plan. Then there would be a subsequent process to gain funds to implement the design. This is a multi-year project.
    2. The Friction Slab project includes funds to construct an enclosure around the garbage and recycling containers in the south parking lot. A corner pole of the enclosure will be installed substantially higher than the others and lights will be installed at the top of this pole, improving lighting in the south parking lot. The Friction Slab project is on pause while we work through transitioning from one contractor to another contractor. Once beyond this pause, we will have a better idea of timing to install this incremental lighting.
    3. For well-advertised large events at the Program Center such as Be Wild Andriana will seek volunteers to walk the parking area with bright vests and flashlights. If volunteers are not forthcoming, we will pay people to perform this function.
    4. For well-advertised large events at the Program Center we will set out large signs encouraging participants to not leave any valuables in their vehicles.


    Bill Ashby
    Director of Operations | The Mountaineers
    7700 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 | t 206-521-6007 | c 206-852-3008

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