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Create a course roster export that contains field trip and trip result statuses for all students and corresponding activities SD665

Have a roster download that not only shows whether the participants are signed up for the required field trips but also be able to see all the activities they are registered for to ensure that snowshoe students are getting their snowshoes, climbers are getting on climbs and kayakers are getting registered for kayak trips.

This allows leaders to pre-emptively catch students who may be behind or not registered and send them an email ahead of time instead of struggling to get makes ups scheduled.

It would also be good to see everyone who got marked as Needs Improvement/Failed in one place so we can email them to schedule a make up.

This download would have the information that is in the "Review" link located next to each students name in current course rosters but show it for all students in one combined download.

For courses that have fewer requirements we are also hoping to create a course management tool that allows for some more bulk review/graduating directly from the website (see . However for courses with many requirements and experience trips we have to have this in a download form rather than viewable roster otherwise its too hard to view on our pages.

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  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Here are two artifacts:

    1. Link to a user story/conversation/confirmation doc – agile requirements for the feature:
    ( )

    2. Link to an example csv file:
    ( )

    If you flatten out a many-to-many relational data model into only 1 csv file, you have to make some sacrifices. In the example, I chose a “vertical” approach rather than a horizontal approach for activities. Curious to see if the developer has any other ideas. With this approach I can export the file, import it to a database and I can manage the course pretty easily. You can also import this into spreadsheets, or whatever your preferred tracking applications are.

    It would be good to have other user stakeholders review this also to see if it meets their needs, or suggest changes or updates.


  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another helpful item to add:

    As an admin or leader, I would like to be able to sort the display roster by last name / first name in order to better manage rosters with large students.

    Seattle nav has 350 students, and the default sort by registration date in not very helpful in order to find individual students in the display.

  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just a clarification points for my comment below.

    1. Every activity associated with the instance of a course, where it has been closed, currently in progress, or upcoming, should be included as part of the course hierarchy report.

    2. it should contain all students in that instance of the course (registered, cancelled, graduated)

    3. csv download should be included as an option. Not sure how well this much data would display to the UI. It will also allow course administrators to load this into more search and query friendly environments.

  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After completing the Admin for the 2019 WNav class, I found that the following data was very helpful for us:

    Course level
    First Name, Last Name, Email, other top level registration that exists today
    Activity Name, Participation Result, Activity Start Date, Activity End Date, Student Notes
    Activity Name, Participation Result, Activity Start Date, Activity End Date, Student Notes

  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Possibly another add to this item

    As a course leader or admin, I want to be able to quickly update the the participation status result for students in the activity so that I don't have to individually select each student.

    If we can create a file import to the website to automatically do this it would save time. I do understand the feature of setting all students to "success", then go back and find those that don't meet this criteria and update them. For large classes there may be a larger effort for the non-success path. A lot of times most of the status is tracked outside (spreadsheets, etc) and since this is done, a 1 button import and would save time. There are issues to resolve - what would be the unique keys to use, the format of the data, etc. Open for other ideas also to save me time with this task.

  • Michael Hutchens commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    User Story:

    As a class leader or admin, I want to be able to generate a report (at the top class level) of each students activities showing their participation result, so that I may be able to easily determine their completion status of the top level class.

    Details: Classes with multiple activities and activities that are prerequisites for other activities have to be monitored manually by the leaders to determine graduation or success requirements of the class. If a top level report could be created similar to the download all button in the roster section, it would alleviate some of the manual tracking.

  • Nick Mayo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Being able to see which students are not on a particular FT roster(s) would be very helpful. Even though we only have 1 FT option in our climbing program, for some reason, not everyone gets automatically signed up when they register for the course itself.

  • Cheryl Talbert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The biggest need from my perspective is for a leader to be able to click the box next to all or a subset of students and download a report that includes all of the lectures, field trips and activities that the person has attended in the months since the course opened along with the result status (or perhaps just show the ones that were 'successful'). This would need to include field trips and activities that are outside the course listing itself, because these can usually count toward graduation. This would make it so much simpler for course admins - otherwise we have to keep a separate spreadsheet to track completion of graduation requirements and page through each student clicking 'review' one at a time, extremely time consuming!

  • Glenn Eades commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this is a good idea, but I may not fully understand it. How easy would it be to provide a sample report, or maybe a mockup?

    - Glenn Eades

  • AdminJeff Bowman (IT Manager, The Mountaineers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For courses with many requirements, it is probably best to add a button to the Course Roster that allows admins to download activity roster data for the filters specified. Filters include activity start date range, role (i.e. student), registration status (i.e. registered), and "activity type" (e.g. all lectures & field trips, activities for one activity template, all activities including trips).

    ** We need to decide on the columns of data we need (e.g. activity temple title, participant result and notes, etc.).

  • AdminJeff Bowman (IT Manager, The Mountaineers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This could include some bulk review and update tools for courses where we only 2-3 required activities. Or maybe more generically, this is an exception report for a course roster compared to 1-3 activity template roster (on screen and download).

    ** Will spin off to another idea...

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