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Please create two "outdoor leadership" activity types ~SFOnly

In order to track what the mountaineers does in terms of outdoor leadership, we would like two activity types:

Leader Development - Leadership Skills
Leader Development - Technical Skills

Below is the email thread for background:
Here’s a really quick stab at some language, for nothing else than to give us something to edit:

Leadership Skills
- May or may not be activity-specific.
- May or may not have a focus on outdoor leadership.
- Emphasis on facilitation, instruction, and/or group leadership.

Technical Skills
- Activity-specific.
- Skill development in activity that this person leads or aspires to lead. (Not quite sure how to word this, but trying to differentiate something like Canmore from the Basic Climbing Course.)
- May have an emphasis on incident management or activity-specific rescue techniques.

From: Becca Polglase
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2018 2:56 PM
To: Tess Wendel <>; Steve Smith <>; Sara Ramsay <>
Subject: "outdoor leadership" activity type

Hi folks,

As we were talking about tracking participation in Outdoor Leadership activities, we decided we would like two categories:
Leader Development – Leadership Skills
Leader Development – Technical Skills

Two questions, probably both for Tess:
1. I was trying to utilize our current “Outdoor Leadership” type to edit and categorize courses and activities appropriately from 2017 so I could run a report for Elizabeth… For courses, it happens at the course template level and it works great. I created a report: that’s saved in the Volunteers folder. We’ll likely have to do an annual data clean-up to make sure we aren’t missing any that aren’t tagged correctly, but I did that for 2017. For Activities, at the template level there is only a single-select. At the Activity level, you can multiselect, however there is help language discouraging this (and the help language is good I think). Is there a reason we can’t get a multi-select activity type at the template level? That would lead to much less year-end data clean-up.
2. What is the process by which we change the existing “outdoor leadership” course type to “leader development – leadership skills” and add a “leader development – technical skills”?

Steve/Sara – we should have some definitions.
Eg –
Canmore Ice Climbing is clearly LD – Technical Skills
Mick Pearson – LD – Technical Skills and LD – Leadership Skills
Leadership Conference – LD – Leadership Skills
Everett Instructors Clinic – LD – Leadership Skills and LD – Technical Skills
WRMC – LD – Leadership Skills? Or do we track this with some other method because it is not a mounties only thing?
ACA Trainings – LD – Leadership Skills and LD – Technical Skills? Or do we track this with some other method?

In some cases, we are charging people to participate and in others we are paying for them to participate. Do we care?

For now we can at least get the two categories going and the definitions written.

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  • AdminJeff Bowman (IT Manager, The Mountaineers) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It seems like the "Outdoor Leadership" activity type is enough to define "Leader Development - Leadership Skills" and that adding one of the technical activity types (e.g. Climbing, Sea Kayaking) is enough for the "Leader Development - Technical Skills" is enough to track these.


    1. Members Services Team gets email notification when a course is added, so that can be sure such courses are set up correctly. We could add a notification for newly added clinics & seminars so they can make sure these are set up correctly too.

    2. In SF we could probably add these two "Leader Development" activity types (to prevent confusion on the website and for better reporting) by using Process Builder to add them based on the activity types from the website.

    3. We're probably doing ok "advertising" these opportunities on the website, but as a reminder, we can use blogs, pages, and tagged collections to help with this.

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