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Highlight # of activities led / courses instructed in volunteer leader/instructor profiles

"Game-ify" volunteer leader & instructor trips led & courses taught to encourage them to list more trips and volunteer more often as instructors.

Update volunteer profiles so that a “star appears” around their profile picture for each trip they lead or for each time they participate as an instructor / leader in a field trip. When X number of stars have appeared then volunteers receive some sort of recognition, to be determined, . . . for example, . . .
a. X stars – a Mountaineers Books coupon or a Starbucks card accompanied by a form thank you note (and another after another X stars, etc.)
b. Y stars – a “super volunteer” badge, an REI card, and a personally written thank you note.
c. Z stars – a finalist badge for “leader of the year” and a fancy invitation to a special dinner for super-duper volunteers.

At the "Z" level volunteers picture & profile would be added to a volunteer hall-of-fame page on our website (visible as one of the selections in the “volunteer” pull-down menu).

After ten silver stars, the volunteer's profile page shows a larger gold star and then starts over again with the silver stars, . . . so each gold star represents ten leadership/instructor activities. For example, a volunteer who has completed 27 trip leader / course instructor activities would show two larger gold stars and seven silver stars arranged around their profile picture.

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