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Salesforce opportunity acknowlegment automation GH2885

I was dreaming about how to improve tracking donor communications and acknowledgements and came up with an idea.

From a salesforce opportunity I would love to have the option to initiate acknowledgment and thank you communications directly from Salesforce. They come in two forms:

1. Generating a thank you email to the donor directly from salesforce based off of a selected template (selected based on gift) with the ability to customize before sending. It is something I'm doing for almost every gift and it would be nice if this email was already linked to the donor and the opportunity as an 'activity'.
2. Generating an acknowledgment letter from a selected template (to print) and an address label (dymo label printer) with the ability to customize before printing.

This is a capability that Tessitura had offered that really helped to streamline the thank you, acknowledgment, and documenting related communication to the donor, improving our portfolio management and stewardship plan

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