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Add Title Choices to Routes & Places for Use with Activities GH1476

To make it easier to better title activities where the route place has broadly varying options and alternatives, provide a list of alternate location names that may be used.

Specifically, when scheduling an activity allow the leader to choose an alternate title from an "Alternate Route/Place Title" list that is populated from a route/place "Route/Place Titles for Activity Titles" list.

Here's an example:

For a scramble of "Silver, Tinkham & Abiel Peaks,", the activity title currently is and by default after implementing this idea would be:

Alpine Scramble - Silver, Tinkham & Abiel Peaks

Alternate activity titles with a choice of alternative route/place titles could be:
Alpine Scramble - Silver Peak
Alpine Scramble - Tinkham Peak
Alpine Scramble - Abiel Peak
Alpine Scramble - Silver & Tinkham Peaks
Alpine Scramble - Silver & Abiel Peaks
Alpine Scramble - Tinkham & Abiel Peaks

One of the important functions of our Routes & Places is ensuring that we don't have multiple Mountaineers groups at the same place so this allows that conflict check to happen but also allows leaders to be more specific about where they are going and have the activity title accurately reflect that.

-------------------- Additional Info ----------------------------

An activity’s title is made from the activity template title and the route/place title. All of these titles are meant to be brief, simple and consistent across our website. If and when we implement the alternate route/place name feature, we have to keep the alternate titles brief, simple and consistent too. And the Route/Place title is only a geographic name. It purposefully conveys nothing about what one might do there. Any alternate route/place titles must too be just geographic names. We leave the what we're going to do to the to the Activity Template and activity's Summary.

The places for creativity about everything you plan to do go in the activity’s Summary and Leader’s Notes. Also remember that we show the first bit of the activity’s Summary in the activity search listings, so it is very much like a subtitle (lots more words allowed!).

See the attached image file of the an activity search result to see how this looks "in action."

To learn more about Routes & Places, visit the "Requesting New Routes & Places" page,

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We now have the ability to have alternate titles for routes/places that have a couple different destinations but all use the same access and thus we wouldn’t want two different Mountaineers groups there on the same day.

An example is Snow & Gem Lakes. This trip can now simply be titled Gem Lake or Snow & Gem Lakes. Or if you are only climbing Tinkham and Silver Peaks you can now pick just those two peaks even though the listing has Silver, Abiel & Tinkham Peaks.

The ability to switch to an alternate title is in the Route/Place tab when you are in the activity edit form while scheduling or editing an activity. It’s the same place you’d edit the date or choose a new route/place for the activity.

Please note that this alternate title is not supposed to replace the summary. For example the title is not Gem Lake Summer Swim. The “summer swim” part is activity specific so should still remain in the summary and/or leader’s notes section of the activity.

If you know of routes/places where we need to add alternate titles please email the name of and link to the route/place along with your suggested alternative titles to us at Note that you also have the option to add these alternate titles when you are requesting a new route/place online.


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