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  1. Add cancelation date range

    I'm a trip leader. A couple days before a trip I don't want anyone new signing up for planning/logistics reasons. The solution for that is to have signup close a couple days early. But then people signed up can't cancel from my trip without emailing me and having me do it (or the Program Center do it), which is a pain for me to do. Since someone can't be signed up for 2 trips at the same time, they might need me to cancel them ASAP so they can sign up for another trip, but I might not be…

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    Declined  ·  Garrett Arnold responded

    We definitely understand where this idea is coming from but at this point we must decline the idea for the following reasons. 1) We had many leaders from across the organization request manually roster manipulation after registration has closed and this is in contradiction to that widespread request. 2) We are concerned that this is too complicated for our members and leaders since Member Services already spends a decent amount of time explaining what registration open and close dates are and how they work and this idea makes the process a little harder to remember.

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