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  1. Create online credit card intake form for credit cards for all rental clients

    Hey Jeff,

    I'm putting this here to request we make an online form that will allow our rental clients to submit credit card information and to authorize we charge their card for rental deposits and final payments. This eventually needs to be a broader conversation with Gabriella and Barbara because they actual do the charging and I collect the information.

    - Reduced time in playing phone tag with clients.

    - Better experience with clients and faster turn-around time between inquery/booking/deposit/final payment

    - Easier to require CC information to be kept on file for deliquent charges or additional costs. It…

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    Garrett: For security reasons, we cannot store credit card information on our local computers, local servers, or our website. This is why we have the “Organization & Online Invoicing” project,

    We can do it on paper, but even that is a “no no” as far as credit card security is concerned. Paper is somewhat acceptable, because the credit card information may be redacted or the paper destroyed.

    I just talked to Barbara and there is a possibility of using Acumatica for invoicing until we get the website project done. It’s not exactly what you requested, but it should help quite a bit.

  2. Need to add links to Branch websites under the "Branches and Committees" page of the main website

    Some of the branches, like the Olympia branch, have stand alone websites that provide much more information on their officers, committees, and activities than the main website. It would be beneficial to all to clearly link the individual branch webpages to their respective branch pages under the "Branches and Committees" page of the site.
    I wasted a ton of time trying to find detailed info about the Olympia Branch on the site only to give up. I was finally told about the site and voila, there was all of the info I needed. A direct link…

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    We added branch home page and committee page features in July 2015. Since then our branches and committees have been moving content form their own websites to Most branches and committees have completed this. Our Olympia Branch is in the midst of this content migration and will be done soon.

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