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  1. Fix incident report excel export bug

    The incident report exports narratives in HTML. Change to plain text format. Example:

    <p>At 1:10 pm 1.5 miles from the trail head on the Spray Park Trail (heading back to Mowich Lake), participant tripped on a root and ended up bumping her brow bone on another root.  Student did not present with any signs of head trauma, the bump site swelled to approximately 2.5 cm in diameter and no bleeding was noted.  Patient reported minor discomfort, no current medications.  Applied a cold compress with bandana soaked with cold creek water and continued to hike out.  Patient still retained normal mentation…

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    6 comments  ·  Safety  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    The way the report renders currently is not a bug. It is how rich text data is stored in the file of completed forms. Rich text allows those filing a report to be able to use simple formatting to add things like paragraph breaks in the narratives. Changing the Incident Narrative and Lessons Learned fields from Rich Text to Plain Text would be a huge step backwards, making it much harder to collect good data.
    This rich text only affects the data file download. There are two other sources of submitted incident reports, (1) the emailed report submission, and (2) the stored report submissions. Both of these are nicely formatted and easy to read.
    Because it’s raw data, it should be relatively easy to turn the downloaded file into one nicely-formatted document with any number of tools. One simple approach is to use the “mail merge” capability in the Word…

  2. Climbing leaders need a course in basic geology, see West Ridge Cuttroat report.

    Mass wasting, the geological term, should not include Mountaineers.
    When I used to guide and teach climbing professionally, I would ask my clients and students to consider how all those rocks in the scree and talus slopes got there. Later as national park ranger, it became obvious that ignorance of basic geology was widespread, as evidenced by the body bags included with our gear.

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    Great suggestion Eric. As a volunteer-run organization, the content of our courses is determined by volunteers. We’ve had a number of sessions on local geology offered in the past, and would certainly support more in the future (ex: The best way to ensure this curriculum is included is to work with the climbing committee at your branch, and while we cannot require this of our climb leaders, we can certainly encourage them to learn more about the natural world in addition to their climbing and leadership skills training.

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