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Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

The Mountaineers is a volunteer run organization which means there are many options to get plugged in as a Mountaineer. We need volunteers for many different purposes including Learn about the different types of volunteer opportunities here.

Additionally make sure your Volunteer Profile is up to date on your My Profile page. 


Hi ___, 

This is awesome to hear, that spirit is exactly what The Mountaineers thrives on. As a volunteer-led organization, we count on our members and students coming back to volunteer as instructors and trip leaders to keep our programs going. Our Volunteer With Us page has a lot of great ideas for how to get involved as a volunteer, and you can also search for open instructor opportunities using our "find instructor opportunities" search.

If there is an outdoor activity, like Backpacking, that you are particularly passionate about, you could reach out to the Chair of the Committee in your local branch that leads that activity to introduce yourself and inquire about ways to help out.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope you can get plugged in to our volunteer community soon!

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