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Addressing Website Page Load Issues for Course Registration Days

Registration days for large classes bring a lot of traffic to our website. The high volume of people visiting the same course page on our website can sometimes cause the course page to load slowly or not at all. This is typically exacerbated by courses with many course activities, typically 100 or more. To address this issue for our staff, volunteers, and members, our tech team can turn on an extra, higher capacity server when we expect very high course registration demand. We pay for this additional server capacity, so we cannot justify the expense of having it on all the time. But we can turn it on when we know registration will be open for a high-demand course with many course activities like our Conditioning Hiking Series (CHS) Course.

If you have experienced website page loading and speed issues with your course registration dates in the past or have 100 or more course activities, we ask that you email member services,, with a list of dates and times when registration will be open for the course itself and/or the course activities, to request the extra server be turned on. Please give us two-weeks notice so that we can get everything set up. A few other best practices to follow include having registration open at 9 am, which gives us time to test the extra server and fix any issues before registration opens. We also encourage you to stagger registration dates to avoid overloading the server with multiple high-capacity courses on the same day (e.g. having Seattle CHS and Olympia CHS course open on different days).

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