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Vaccination complaint

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns. I'd like to link you to our COVID-19 guidance so that you can read firsthand about our response to the pandemic and current policies. These were just updated Oct. 07 to reflect the changes coming down from WA State in effect Oct. 25.

It's not an org-wide Mountaineers policy that participants be vaccinated to participate in outdoor activities, but trip leaders may require it for the trips that they lead if they choose. We hope that by leaving it up to individuals where possible, we can be as inclusive as possible and respect the autonomy of both our leaders and members in making these decisions for themselves.

All this to say, if you wish to cancel your membership and receive a refund - you are still within the 90 day cancellation window and I can certainly do this if you don't think you'll get the value you're looking for out of it.


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