1. Consolidate Responses on Website Feedback Forms SD672  ·  High Priority

  2. Store "Autopopulated" Data in Stored Incident Reports GH2705  ·  Completed

  3. Revise Save Data Adapter View GH2941  ·  Completed

  4. Course Activity Data Export Improvement GH3028  ·  Scheduled

  5. Sync Promo Code Data to Salesforce GH2966  ·  High Priority

  6. Upload incident data into salesforce  ·  Low Priority

  7. Prevent Deleting Incident Report Data and Incident Report GH2609  ·  Completed

  8. Create More Robust Safety Committee Data Analysis SD52/465/466  ·  In Review

  9. How do I sign up a guest for a hike?

  10. Rental Inquiry

  11. How about alpha sorting the Badges? Its a pain always to scan an unsorted group of data. Grouping badges on the My Profile page. GH 1127  ·  Completed

  12. Allow leaders to be able to save their route-place or activity data and return to it later, even if all the fields are not yet complete.  ·  Completed

  13. Add Mobile Responsive Theme SD295  ·  Completed

  14. Contact Merge Improvements GH2406/2578  ·  Planned

  15. Improve Committee-aggregated Feedback Pages GH2954/2955  ·  High Priority

  16. Display Initlal Message for Course Tempalate Team Rosters GH2941  ·  High Priority

  17. Improve the My Feedback (Leader-aggregated Feedback) Pages GH2596/2957/2958  ·  High Priority

  18. Fully integrated Roster Management for Courses with multiple activities, and sections to complete to graduate.  ·  Completed

  19. Measure what we care about at the member, committee, and branch levels. SD317  ·  Completed

  20. Integrate Salesforce with Acumatica  ·  Medium Priority

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